Lakes of Ahwatukee Golf Course surrounded by barbed wire

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

AHWATUKEE, Ariz. -- Neighbors who paid extra to have a golf course view are now staring at dying grass and a barbed wire chain link fence around the Lakes of Ahwatukee Golf Course. 

"I just want it gone immediately. Whatever it would take," said Kendall Radabaugh who lives in an apartment on the golf course. 

"They don't care about us. That bothers me," said homeowner Jim Swan who's lived here for 18 years.

The course closed in May, but Monday the fence went up. 

"I personally enjoy nature. I like to go out there and walk my dog and stuff. I don't care if it's open or closed," said Radabaugh. 

Now neighbors can't access the very golf course they pay extra to live by.

"The fence right now is not up legally. You can't have barbed wire next to residents so we ordered them to take the barbed wire down," said Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio of District 6. 

But that could take another two weeks and could be replaced with a regular chain link fence.

We spoke with the president of the golf course who tells us the course is up for sale. He says the owner put up the fence because of liability.  Neither would go on camera .

"I just miss it, I walked out there a lot, had a good time," said Swan. 

Now neighbors wonder what could go in next.

"The answer is they can't do anything unless the neighborhood around supports the proposal," said DiCiccio. 

A new housing development could be on tap. But existing homeowners don't want anything new, all they want is the golf course view they were promised when the moved in. 

Neighbors have hired a lawyer to help them get back their view.