Small business targeted by scam

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Siu Phuong and her husband work hard and take great pride in their two decades of being in business.

"It's hard work. My husband works almost 24/7," Phuong said.

But recently Phuong's store received a phone call, and the caller had questions.

"They asked her some questions," Phuong said. "Verify your address, the phone number."

Phuong said the call lasted only a few moments and verifying such innocent information seemed harmless.

However, months later she received a bill for around $600, and that's when Phuong and her husband remembered that phone call. 

The innocent phone call they got to verify business information turned into a bill for something called Local Business Yellow Pages.

Phuong and her husband were shocked, claiming they never agreed to advertise with anyone.
But the bill then turned ugly and intimidating with more phone calls coming into their dry cleaning business.

"He threatened me," Phuong said.  "He said, you have to settle it. Today is the last day and if you don't settle it today, we will send you to collections."

Three On Your Side got involved and tried contacting the Local Business Yellow Pages company that sent out that bill.

No one ever did get back to our numerous inquiries, but we did discover this: They have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

In fact, the BBB is so alarmed, they sent out an alert warning businesses to "beware" phony directory and yellow pages scams saying the scheme targets small to medium sized companies and businesses like Avondale Cleaners.

Phuong said she almost paid the $600 bill, but said she sure is glad she didn't and is glad she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"Oh, I'm upset," Phuong said.  "If it is a real scam, I wish that they will stop forever, because this is like stealing."