Is Mircosoft's Surface 2 worth the upgrade? Ken Colburn says it depends

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PHOENIX -- The second iteration of Microsoft's tablet, the Surface, is out. But is it worth the upgrade?

Ken Colburn of Data Doctors says it depends on your needs.

He sat down with 3TV's Kaley O'Kelley to talk through the pros and cons.

While the iPad is great for entertainment, Colburn said the Surface has its place, especially in terms of productivity.

"I've actually been able to get rid of my laptop and my iPad when I travel because [the Surface] kind of does both," he explained. "The new version of this, the Surface Pro 2, is really the ultimate road warrior's tool.

"The first version of these Surface tablets got kind of panned,"  Colburn continued. "The newer versions are getting much better ratings -- better battery life, faster processing. ... You can really do some super-powerful stuff with the Surface Pro 2," which is Microsoft's high-end tablet.

The Surface 2 is $449; the Surface Pro 2 is $899.