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P.O. Box 25732
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Camp Bow Wow Peoria
8550 N. 91st Ave., Ste. 55
Peoria, AZ  85345
Phone: 623-773-BARK(2275)
Camp Bow Wow® provides a fun, safe and upscale environment for dogs to play, romp and receive lots of love and attention! We provide doggy day Camp for clients wishing to drop their dogs off in the morning and pick them up in the evening, as well as overnight boarding for travellers. Overnight campers play in the day Camp program during the day and have their own individual cabins at night.

Event: FREE Halloween Costume Pet Parade
           *** FREE photos taken of dog (and owner, if you'd like!)
When: Saturday. Oct. 26th - 11 am
Where: Camp Bow Wow, Peoria, 8550 N. 91st Ave., Ste 55
Who's invited: ALL Furry Friends and family (open to community)
What: Pet Parade and Paw-ty
***Great prizes for winning categories, but everyone goes home with a "gift."
Snacks for owners and their pooches, photo booths, trainers on hand for open Q and A, take a tour of facility, meet other dog owners, great social opportunity for your pet and family.


Various Easy Exciting New Ways to Carve a Pumpkin!!!

There's always the classic way to carve a pumpkin, triangles for the eyes and nose with a big smile, but there are so many more ways now to carve and/or decorate your pumpkin for Halloween!

There are many various kits available to choose from that contain designs from Disney Princesses, styles from Monsters Inc, Avengers, Angry Birds, Toy Story and more!

Also, Mr Potato Head Punch In Kits, NO CARVING NECESSARY!
Just look at the picture and directions, use a punch tool or knife tip to get holes started, punch your holes and place all of the items on the pumpkin to creat amazing MR POTATO HEAD FACES!!!

Carving KIT Materials:
-Carving Saw
-Poking Tool
-Multiple designs from chosen theme

-Select Design and tear out of booklet
-Tape Design onto pumpkin
-Use poking tool to transfer design onto pumpkin
-Remove paper from pumpkin
-Using Carving Saw, carve out gray areas according to the picture

***Helpful Hint*** Don't bend or turn saw blade, it will snap, try to keep it as straight as possible.

The Dremel Tool also works great for carving pumpkins!

Place a LED Light inside and Enjoy!

Wether you're carving a real pumpkin or a fake pumpkin that will last for years to come, (but no pumpkin seeds, oh no!) please be careful with the carving tools or knives and have a very fun, safe Halloween!!!

*ALSO REMEMBER, Safety First on Halloween!
-Go Trick or Treating with an adult, a sibling, a friend or in groups, if possible.
-Wear Glow in the dark necklace and/or bracelet so people can see you.
-Take a flashlight along.
-Only go to houses with a light ON!
-DON'T eat any candy while out, wait until you get home and an adult can inspect the candy first (and confiscate any favorites, of course, hahaha)!!


Chef Dad’s Magic Bars
1 ½ Cups Graham Cracker Crumbs
¼ Cup Sugar
6 Tbsp. Butter (unsalted, melted)
¼ Cup Toffee Bits
1 ¼ Cups Semi-Sweet or Milk Chocolate Chips
1 ½ Cups Sweetened Coconut Flakes
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Use aluminum foil to line the inside of your 9 x 13 casserole dish.  Lightly spray the foil with cooking spray for easy removal of these magic bars when they are done cooling.  If you have the new Reynolds Wrap® (non-stick variety), you won’t need to spray your foil.
2) Combine graham cracker crumbs, sugar and melted butter in a bowl then mix well.  Put in your casserole dish and press down to make your crust.  We only want the crust on the bottom of the pan.  There is no need to try and come up the sides of the dish.  Use a flat bottomed measuring cup to press the crust flat.
3) Next, evenly sprinkle the toffee bits over the crust, then the chocolate chips then the coconut.  Now evenly pour the can of sweetened condensed milk over the top. Bake for 25 minutes or until the coconut starts turning golden brown.
4) After removing from the oven, allow dish to cool on your countertop for 1 hour then put in your fridge for at least 1 hour and up to overnight so the bars firm up before we try and cut them into squares.
5) Remove from the refrigerator then lift the entire (uncut) bars from the casserole dish by grabbing the foil.  Remove the foil then cut into squares and serve.

Cooks Note: These can be stored in a zipper bag in your fridge for at least one week and up to 3 months in your freezer. The perfect size square is about 1 ½” because these are very rich.