3TV hits the Phoenix streets with sheriff's deputies

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Sheriff's deputies hit the streets hard Friday and Saturday night in a two-day crime suppression operation.

It's the first since a judge ruled Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office engaged in racial profiling.
The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office started Friday night by dispatching 150 deputies, posse members and reserves.
They arrested 22 people Friday night during an eight-hour period, most for outstanding warrants and drug charges.
There were also 88 traffic violations leading to eight vehicle impoundments.
Saturday night 3TV hit the streets with the deputies in round two of the operation.
During a Saturday night in Phoenix, it didn't take long for a Maricopa County sheriff's deputy to hit his lights.
The first driver pulled over on the night was lucky. He received just a warning for a broken taillight.
Five minutes back on the road, there went those infamous blue and red lights again.
This time a simple traffic stop turned into an arrest.
"Ran his record and came back with a felony warrant for forgery," said Deputy Jeremy Templeton.
In less than 30 minutes, two stops one arrest, all part of a two-day crime suppression operation led by Arpaio.
"This operation is geared toward crime," the sheriff said. "This is not an illegal immigration operation, although anyone arrested and booked into jail will be checked with ID for their immigration status."
This is the first sweep since a federal judge ordered the appointment of a monitor and a community advisory board to work with the sheriff's office.
Arpaio said this operation has nothing to do with immigration status, but is a response to the killing of MCSO detention officer Jorge Vargas. Vargas was shot and killed in August by an alleged gang member in west Phoenix.
"The real reason we came out is because someone killed our officer and I'm trying to send a message, you don't go killing an officer," Arpaio said.