Controversy over new Goodwill store in North Phoenix

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Controversy surrounds a new Goodwill store and donation center on 7th Street and Thunderbird.

"I'm happy for it, "said Pattie Faust of North Phoenix.

"I'm against it, " said Nina Johnson of North Phoenix.

There are more then 50 Goodwill stores in the Valley, with the newest location stirring up some Moon Valley residents.

"There is a lot of people who need this specialty type of job, so I am all in favor of it, "said Faust.

But not everyone agrees with the new store's location.

"Most people don't want it here and I think it shouldn't go here," said Johnson, who disagrees with the thrift shop opening up in the community.

Doors are set to open Nov. 22, despite a petition drive to stop the non-profit store.

A spokesperson for Goodwill says times have changed and so has the store's look.

"A lot of time, people are not familiar with the new Goodwill model and haven't been into our new stores to see how bright, clean and friendly they are, "said Goodwill's spokesperson, Courtney Nelson.

Several businesses in the complex say they are not sure what to think until the thrift store opens, but most agreed they would rather see a Goodwill store put in than an empty space.

"I like to say it's a good thing for the neighborhood because its been an empty building and as long as Goodwill maintains their store, then I think it will be a benefit to the community as well, " said Jennifer Kenerson, who owns a flower shop in the shopping center.

Goodwill says they research and study each area before a store is put in. Goodwill says they would not build a store there unless the shoppers were already there.

The new store is currently hiring in advance of its opening next month.