Cold weather flowers

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- With the summer behind us it is time to look at different types of flowers to plant around your house.

Cool weather flowers are a variety of flowers that will bring lots of color to your home and some can last all the way up to spring time. They are very easy to maintain and hardly require any additional care except for potential frost damage so as the temperatures start to get cooler at nights you might want to consider covering your plants for added protection.

It is also important to add new mulch or compost to your garden to keep it fresh.

Below is a list of some cool weather flowers that you can plant.

• Geranium – When planted these will last from October 1st until June, best bang for your buck, they are very colorful.

• Petunia – Plant these when temperatures are below 95 degrees, come in a variety of colors

• Pansy – Plant these when temperatures are below 90 degrees, the colder it is the better it blooms, they are frost tolerant.

• Alyssum – They are great to plant around the edge of a garden and have a great scent to them.

• Lobelia – This is like the alyssum which is a great plant to put around the edge of a garden but have no scent. They come in blue or white color and the blue alone pops and is a great addition to your garden, you will be disappointed with this plant.

• Snapdragon – These are great for background planting as they get pretty tall, some yellow snapdragons in the background followed by red geraniums or petunia’s then bordered with blue lobelia will make your garden envy of the neighborhood.

• Stock – This are mainly planted for the smell, they are a great background plant and might not bloom as much as the others.

• Iceland Poppy – These are a great pollinator and provide a lot of color to your garden

• Viola - Plant these when temperatures are below 90 degrees, the colder it is the better it blooms, they are frost tolerant.

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