MCSO: Canadian teen arrested for Arpaio death threats

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX – A 16-year-old boy in Alberta, Canada, who allegedly threatened to kill Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and members of his family, was arrested Tuesday night.

The juvenile's name was not released.

Sheriff's officials said Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested the teen two days after he sent the second of two threats to Arpaio.

The threat received on Sunday said:

"Greetings, Sherrif Joe. It's been a while since I last emailed you. I really hate you. I hate you so much that I've decided enough is enough. You deliberately ruin peoples lives, and embarrass the inmates that you confine. Tonight however, it is you that will be confined... for life. I am stationed at an undisclosed location in Phoenix.

"Within the next 5 hours I am going to open fire and destroy you, your house, your 'security deputies' and your ugly as hell wife. Still think I'm a 'lowlife who doesen't have the guts to confront you?' I'm not scared of you, the RCMP or your pathetic Special Response Team. You will never be heard from again. Your body will simply 'vanish'.

"I highly advise you to take this threat seriously and stop me. Your life depends on it. I will continue this until I am put in jail. But that will never happen. Heh Heh."

Canadian investigators questioned the suspect last month about a threat made against Arpaio over the summer, according to MCSO spokesman Officer Christopher Hegstrom.

The July threat said: "Joe Arpaio, you are a massive [expletive] and I hate you so much you [expletive] sucking [expletive]. I'm going to murder you and your whole family including your wife, children and grandchildren. I'm also going to bomb your house and afterwards burn down the remains. May your death be horrible."

Arpaio has agreed to travel to Canada to testify if authorities there request it.

A previous threat to kill Arpaio also led MCSO investigators to Canada. Matthew Carl Sanderson, 37, was arrested by Toronto police.

Arpaio traveled to Canada and testified in court during the prosecution of that case. Sanderson was convicted.

Sanderson's threat said he would kill Arpaio with "a bullet in the head or heart, poison him, blow up his car or burn him alive" sometime within the following two years, at the behest of a group who was offering to pay Sanderson $250,000 for the sheriff's murder.