Healthcare website woes

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

 PHOENIX --  Many people trying to sign up online for new health care plans are finding themselves out of luck. Many are not able to get the information they need.

But experts advise: be patient with the website, and don't try to find another website to do the same thing for you. "Any hacker can put up a website and make it look extremely competitive," say the folks at Data Doctors.

Brandon Disney of Data Doctors says that is very vulnerable. "Really, how do you know the one you're on is the right site?  And that's the real danger," said Disney.  He advises: don't Google "healthcare".  Go straight to The problem is, you might not get far once you get there.

"This has been very frustrating. In fact, the website just doesn't work," said insurance broker Lynn Marble of Phoenix Health Insurance.

He's been gearing up for Obamacare for years. "The biggest frustration is if it's going to be late, okay, tell us it's going to be late. But don't continue to advertise the website using tax dollars for a website that doesn't work," Marble said.

He added four new people to his staff to get ready for the influx of customers needing help. "We were hoping to be at several hundred enrollments right now, and now we are at zero," said Marble.  We tried the website "" today. We signed up with a user name and a password but when we went to log on, we had no luck."

"Honestly, I'm surprised that wasn't anticipated and dealt with in a better way," said Disney. "You begin the process. It puts you in line."

So for Lynn and many Arizonans, all there is to do is wait. "This website was supposed to be too big to fail. But no one's taking accountability for it at this point, so we're hoping to see that they can get this thing together," said Lynn.

The Department of Health and Human Services says people in Arizona are getting through on the website and they have engineers working on the system 24/7 to help get more people logged on swiftly.

For more information, call 1-800-318-2596 or visit