Dog owner says her Chihuahua found, ate meth in Phoenix hotel room

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A woman who just moved to the Valley from Utah says her dog accidentally found and ate meth inside a Phoenix hotel room.

Natalie Lowry says she went straight from her car to a room at the La Quinta Inn on Greenway Road, where her dog had a reaction like she’s never experienced.

“I was resting on the bed; the dog was on the ground, and within an hour or so, she just became severely neurologic,” described Lowry. “She was shaking and having muscle spasms and tremors; she would run forward and backward, throwing her head back and forth; her eyes were bloodshot; her heart was just racing.”

Lowry rushed her Chihuahua, “Sticks,” to an emergency vet who tested the dog for toxins.  Lab results revealed methamphetamine was found in the dog’s system, according to the lab report.

When Lowry returned to the room, she checked under the bed and says she found what appeared to be a metal club, as well as trash.

“There were crumpled bits of paper, part of what looked like a plastic bag,” said Lowry. 

She believes the dog likely found the drug in the debris. She told 3TV the dog had not left the room and didn’t come in contact with anything from outside.

“It was a freak occurrence, but I feel horrible,” said Lowry. 

“Sticks,” who is also a service animal, is expected to be okay, but Lowry describes this as a disturbing wake-up call.  She says from now on she will carefully check her hotel room for anything suspicious.

“It could have been somebody’s toddler, somebody else’s animal,” said Lowry.

A corporate spokeswoman with La Quinta said she’s been in contact with the general manager of the North Phoenix location.  She said the company is aware of the situation and currently conducting an internal investigation of the room.

“At this time we have no basis by which to confirm or deny her claim. Once we receive documentation confirming her allegation, we will take the appropriate action,” Teresa Ferguson said in a statement to 3TV.