Survivor speaks after car crashes into massage school

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey
By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GILBERT, Ariz. -- She was one of two young women trapped under a car, after the vehicle slammed into a massage school where she was taking a class. Now we're hearing details about her story of survival.

Last month, massage students at Pima Medical Institute were in class when an 87-year-old female driver suddenly crashed her car right into the classroom.

The car pinned Haili and her classmate, Lacey Gruntorad, both 22. Haili's injuries included three fractures to her back, severe cuts to her legs, a crushed right ankle and a fractured pelvis. Gruntorad died in the accident.

The elderly driver of the vehicle was not injured. Police said there were no signs of impairment.

Now, Hill is talking about the the terrifying experience. When she was pinned under the car, Hill says she wasn't thinking about herself. She was thinking about her two-year-old daughter.
"The only thing I could think about was, don't fall asleep, because you might die, and what about Payton," says Haili. "If I die I'm not going to know, but if I die she is going to lose me. I know it's just me and her."

A classmate urged Haili to hang on.

"I wanted to go to sleep but I wanted them to find me, too," Haili says. "But I didn't want to pass out, because I didn't want to die, so I just started screaming as loud as I could for help so they would know where to start looking."

Haili's best friend, Tyler Howard, found her. "I saw the car go through the glass," says Howard. "I blinked, and then the car was already through the wall. I picked up a box and threw it in the corner, and then I saw Haili on the floor."

"When I saw Tyler, it was like a big relief because I knew they found me," says Haili.

Tyler was the one who found Lacey under the wreckage. "I saw her elbow," he says. "Her elbow was sticking out. I lifted the wood off of her and I saw her."