Mens Wear Influences on Womens Wear

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Men’s Wear Influences on Women’s Wear

Often this time of year we see the reintroduction of men’s wear elements to women’s fall fashions. Classic pieces such as a more fitted tailored jacket, structured trousers and button up cotton shirtings ensure the look. Wool fabrics for suitings are sporting traditional pin striping, herringbone, houndstooth  and varying tweeds.

To wear the look with a feminine touch, pair the pant suit with a ruffle front and sleeve blouse to bring a delicate balance to the look. Or how about a high waisted fitted pin stripe trouser with a soft cashmere sweater accented with a strand of pearls or a statement faux gem necklace?

A fitted pencil skirt is wonderful balance with the over scaled men’s over coat replicas. for shoes working the male influence, lace up wing tip shoes not only are on trend but allow the comfort in a men’s wear look as well. Patent leather loafers and lace ups are an ideal way to put a feminine shine to your man-ish ensemble. Final touch may include a bow tie or a scarf as an ascot.

Coco Chanel made it her signature to incorporate men’s wear in her personal style.