Perfect Halloween Costumes for Kids

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 Tips for choosing the perfect Halloween costumes for children

Fall is here and now is the perfect time to begin thinking about what the kiddos will be wearing when they hit the streets to trick-or-treat. When it comes to children and finding the right costume for their age and personality, sometimes it can be a little tricky.

Kirsten Dunlap from Scottsdale Moms Blog offered up some tips and examples to help get even your littlest "trick-or-treaters" in the Halloween spirit.

Choose those big, cumbersome costumes only for children not yet old enough to walk. Once they're mobile, the bulky costumes make it challenging to move, leaving you with a frustrated toddler.
• Choose costumes that allow you to "layer". October weather can be unpredictable in the valley so it's nice to be able to add tights or a long sleeve shirt if the temperature drops.
• Some children just don't like costumes! For those who are afraid or just uncomfortable dressing up, try dressing them in a sweatshirt featuring a favorite character. They will still feel like themselves, but also won't miss out on all the other fun Halloween activities.
• Superheroes are ALWAYS a hit!
• If your child is old enough to have a favorite show or character they want to dress up as, let them (as long as it's not someone "evil" or "too frightening"). Kids will have more fun if they're dressed as someone they love. Check out the Disney Store for a fantastic selection of both modern and classic children's character costumes.
• Don't be afraid to "DIY" your children's costume. Making your own costume is easier than you think. Often they require little or no sewing and can end up being very affordable. Make them with a friend for even more creative help. Older children can even help make their own costumes.

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