You can fix a bad haircut

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- You've spent time freaking out, crying and calling your best friend for support now it's time to look at your options.

Remember a bad haircut is NOT the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

Hair does grow back about half an inch per month.

Look at it this way, now you GET to try something new and get creative.

1) Try a side sweep. If your bangs are longer on one side than the other, try a deeper part and swing the longer side over the shorter side. Set with hairspray or if they are too short try using a hair pin to fasten it in place. You can use a decorative or plain pin.

2) Try turning the hair up like a Pompadour. Just tease your bangs and lightly comb them up and over and then secure with a pin. Use some hairspray to control shorter hair.

3) You can twist or braid your fringe over. For a twist, make a side part and start your twist there. As you move across your face pick up a little hair as you go and secure with a pin, either decorative or plain. This is very easy to do. You can wear the rest of your hair either up or down depending on how you like it. If you are able to do a Braid, use the same guide as the twist just use a braiding technique.

4) When styling from wet to dry, use your fingers to style the bangs down and flat for a longer appearance. Direct your blow dryer in the same direction as your bangs so they will lie down.

5) You can use a flat iron to straighten as much as possible for a longer illusion as well. Do that carefully, please.

6)You can embrace the shortness of your fringe and go for the 50's pinup girl look by using your curling iron and just bend the ends to give you that flirty look. This is very pretty with mid length to long wavy hair. Like Katie Perry's look.

7) You can use headbands to disguise bangs fully by pulling them off of your face. You can use headbands to push the bangs down a bit also. Cloth headbands are more comfortable when wearing them for long periods of time. Experiment with different widths from thick to thin depending on the look that you want.

8) When all else fails or you need a quick fix at the moment, hats are the best go to. If you are wearing a form fitted hat, try a ponytail or pigtails. Longer hair when wearing a fitted hat tends to get pushed at the neck and it can look awkward. If you want to wear your hair down, try a loose fitting hat or a soft brimmed hat.

9) If your bangs are too far gone? Try clip in fringe. You can get them in beauty stores or online.
1) Try using your natural texture. You can use heat rollers or curling irons as well. Having texture and fullness can disguise the issue. Soft curls moving away from the face whether it is a shorter bob or longer hair. Scrunched natural texture is beautiful on textured bobs.

2) Keep getting regular trims off of the length to blend layers. For women that want to keep their long hair, this might be a longer process. Hair grows on an average of about 1/2" per month and that's an average of about 6"'s per year. Try and be patient and enjoy the extra movement.

3) If you are not attached to your length and want quick results, try a long to medium bob. They are flattering on most face shapes and it will give immediate fullness to your hair if there were too many layers put in.

4) Try clip in extensions to help for fullness or to camouflage the layers. You can get them through your stylist, beauty stores or online.
For either issue, try to think of this disaster moment as an opportunity of discovering new looks for you. The great thing is that hair does grow back, YAY! To help it grow back and grow healthy, here are some ideas:
1) Try taking Vitamins such as Biotin, full spectrum B's and you C's. These vitamins are water soluble and won't become toxic if you take too much.

2) Avoid blasting your hair with too much heat such as Flat irons Curling irons or Blow Dryers. Do NOT heat when angry or frustrated, step away from the heat tools!!!! Nothing is more unattractive about your hair than FRIED hair, it just makes the situation worse.

Talk to your Hairdresser to see about adjustments if it was done in the salon. We want to make you happy and will correct the issue as best as we can. If you need a bang trim, most salons offer complimentary bang trims for their customers. We do NOT want you to take the situation (hair) into your own hands with scissors. When the client is happy, the stylist is happy too.

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