Outdoor Halloween decorations

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

Now's the time to start decorating outside for Halloween. There are so many amazing ready-made outdoor decorations available at The Home Depot. However, here are the instructions to make your own easy, very inexpensive Halloween decoration -- a lighted ghost.


-Hardware cloth (chicken wire)
-Plastic drop cloth
-A round replacement light globe
-Elmer's glue
-Masking tape
-Tin snip tool
-Sharpie marker


-Cut chicken wire with tin snips to desired size.

-Place light globe in the center of the chicken wire and mold the wire around the globe to create the head of your ghost.

-Wrap masking tape around the neck of the globe to ensure the globe does not fall out.

-Cut and drape the plastic drop cloth over the chicken wire sculpture. This will give the cheesecloth something to drape onto.

-Mix equal parts glue and water in a bowl.

-Dip individual pieces of cheesecloth into glue/water mixture and drape over sculpture, repeat until entire ghost is covered, 2 to 3 layers is best.

-Let dry. It will dry stiff to the touch.

-Draw eyes and nose on with a Sharpie.

-Place in your yard over a flashlight or existing flood light to light up your ghost and enjoy!