Daniel Rodriguez's mother reacts to Chrisman verdict

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- It has been three years since former Phoenix police officer Richard Chrisman and his partner responded to a domestic call at a woman's South Phoenix home.

According to court testimony, Chrisman shot and killed Daniel Rodriguez's dog and put his pistol to Rodriguez's head.

When Rodriguez tried to leave, according to the other officer, Chrisman tussled with Rodriguez before shooting and killing him.

Chrisman said it was in self-defense while his partner said Rodriguez was backing away at the time Chrisman fired.

Just a few weeks prior to the three-year shooting anniversary, Chrisman was found guilty of aggravated assualt, but the jury was hung on the second-degree murder charge as well as the animal cruelty charge.

"My feelings haven't changed since the first day that my son got killed in this house," said Rodriguez's mother, Elvira Fernandez.

"I'd do anyhing to bring my son back, I'd trade all the justice in the world for him," Fernandez said.

Rodriguez's mother said she has found some peace with the jury's verdict.

"At least they came to some agreement, not exactly what I would have liked but at least something was done," she said.

Chrisman's sentencing hearing is set for Oct. 18.

Chrisman faces five to 15 years in prison.