Working without pay during shutdown

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- The Mora household is subdued these days.

That’s because Marcario Maro is one of 412 civilian employees at Luke Air Force Base furloughed in the government shutdown.

"I was just thinking what am I going to do. We have a little bit of saving but not much" said Mora. "It’s just frustrating because I don’t want to have to cut back on groceries for the kids."

This is the third time the father of two has been hit by Washington’s inability to pass a budget.

First, Mora’s pay was cut was sequestration. Now, he’s been sent home from public relations job at the base.

"For right now we are working for free," said Tony Thomas with the Social Security office in Phoenix.

The claims representative is one of about 250 social security employees in the Valley who has to work without pay.

"It’s awful. The fear of not being paid is daunting," said Thomas. "It just looms over all of us and we don’t know what to expect."

As an essential government employee the grandfather believes he will eventually get paid.

"I’m angry. I’m frustrated and I’ll have to sit down and figure out exactly what I can pay and what I can’t pay," said Thomas.

Mora is an Iraqi war veteran has been serving his country since he was 18.

"I love my country and that won’t ever change. It’s just unfortunately some individuals are probably voted into office that shouldn’t have been," said Mora.

Both men said they fell like pawns in a political game. They are frustrated with politicians on both sides of the aisle and said this shutdown will affect how they vote in the next election.