Man accused of stealing Redbox movies and games

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman
Vincent Ruelas Bandin, 35 By Mike Gertzman Vincent Ruelas Bandin, 35 By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Vincint Bandin, 35, allegedly stole nearly 670 movies and games from Redbox locations in the West Valley.

The stolen discs were worth more than $30,000, according to investigators.

Police say Bandin found a way to bypass the scanning system in each of the self-service machines by swiping a non-traceable credit card, which avoided his information from being recorded.

According to police, Bandin would fool the Redbox machine by taking the DVD's bar code off and putting it on the plastic cover, tricking the machines into thinking it was getting the movie or game returned.

Bandin allegedly traded movies to a drug dealer for methamphetamine.

Court documents say Bandin would also take those games or DVD's to re-sellers like Gamestop, who buy movies and games from people.

When a Gamestop staff would only provide store credit, Bandin would ask for a gift card.

He would then turn around and sell the gift card for cash.

An employee at Gamestop told 3TV there is no way to know if a movie or game is stolen, but suspects a lot of them are.

Bandin has been charged with 48 counts of trafficking.