E-Verify impacted by government shutdown

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- The impact from the government shutdown is far reaching.

For example, many websites operated by the federal government are shut down. 

One of those now dormant websites is E-Verify. More than 400,000 employers use the Internet based service to screen job applicants who may be in the United States illegally.

Given Arizona’s illegal immigration issues, E-Verify is important and required by law but companies looking to hire are stuck.

"It’s people getting hurt because politicians are not getting together," said David Amadin who owns Gretalian restaurant on 7th Avenue in Phoenix.

Amadin said he's not hiring right now.

But, if an employee left and he needed to fill the position, Amadin said he would be in a tough position.

"I’ve had the same employees here for all the time that I’ve been here, so as far as I’m concerned I’m kind of safe but I definitely would use it [E-Verify] yes if I were to expand and have more employees than I do right now."

Like other business owners Amadin wonders how much longer the shutdown will last because if government employees are not getting paid they're certainly not going to eat out.

"Basically how it's going to hurt our small business owner if people are not working their not getting paid they're not going to come and eat here so as a small restaurant definitely I’ll be hurt."