Luke AFB employees protest government shutdown

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Anyone affected by the government shutdown is feeling the pinch and fearing how long the pain could last.

Government employees have family responsibilities and are working hard. Many live paycheck to paycheck but now cannot do that.

Since many of those who work at Luke Air Force Base could not go to work Tuesday morning, they spent hours outside protesting to show their disgust for the government shutdown.

When 3TV asked Diane Talley, who is employed full-time at the mental health clinic on base, what her biggest fear is, she paused and with a broken voice and tears in her eyes said, "Not having a paycheck to support my child, is my biggest fear."

Talley said she never imagined she would be locked out, left standing outside, holding a sign.

"I can't go to work," she emphasized. "I can't help the people out there that I enjoy helping."
Joe Dinges said this needs to stop. "There's more important things, as far as I'm concerned, that could be taken care of than squabbling over this particular issue."

Dinges already makes sacrifices as it is, and with no paycheck, said this means making even more.

"Me buying something extra for my grandkids, taking them to the hockey game," Dinges said.

Talley said, "It hurts." adding, "They have made a big mistake and they have hurt so many people."

A mistake Talley, like everyone else, said she wants resolved sooner rather than later.


How Luke AFB services are affected by the government shutdown:

Note: This information is current as of Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 1.

Support functions:
-The Commissary will be closed for the duration of the government shutdown

-Luke Library will be closed

-The Base Exchange and Shoppette will remain open

-The Bryant Fitness Center, Club Five Six, Falcon Dunes Golf Course, Fighter Country Inn and Thunderbolt Lanes will remain open

-Education and Testing Services: No Tuition Assistance, no DANTES testing, no CLEP testing, and no Educational Counseling. PME and WAPS testing will continue

-Airmen & Family Readiness Center: Limited services will be available by appointment only. Members should call 856-6550 for an appointment. Air Force Aid and Family Readiness services are fully functional

-Youth Programs (outside of CDC and School Age programs) will be closed

-The AAFES Information, Tickets and Travel office in the BX mall will be closed , but the Block House location will remain open

-Manpower Office: Limited services but still functional

-Civilian Personnel Office: Limited services but still functional

-Chapel: There will be no daily Catholic Mass or Sunday night Mass due to priest availability. The Chapel is working with the local Catholic Diocese to get coverage for Saturday evening and Sunday Morning Masses

-Civil Engineering: Only emergency work orders will be processed

-Custodial Contract: Custodial services will not be provided. Members will need to take out their own trash and police their areas

-Potential mail delays to dorm residents

-Aerospace Medicine Squadron: All services will be available except nutritional services. A primary care manager can help, or the clinic will provide referral to a network provider

-Dental Squadron: Services will be available, however appointments may be limited

-Medical Support Squadron: No mammograms will be available. Pharmacy manning for the Scottsdale site will be temporarily terminated and all staff will be relocated to Luke

-Medical Operations Squadron: Medical and dental elective surgeries will be cancelled, however, life and limb surgeries will continue

-No Chiropractic services will be offered

-All other usual medical services will be available

Operations and Maintenance:
-F-16 flying operations will continue