Your Life A to Z Recipe: October 1, 2013 Roasted Halibut

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Your Life A to Z Recipe: Monday, October 1, 2013

By: Chef Matt Carter

Roasted Halibut
Serves 4
4 6oz halibut portions

1 head purple cauliflower
1 head romanesco
1 head orange cauliflower
1 head white cauliflower
wood chips for smoking

Pickling Liquid
1 cup vinegar
1 cup water
.5 cup sugar
thyme, garlic, onion, chili flakes, fennel seed and coriander seed.

Clam Topping
1 cup castelvetrano olives or any green olive
1 cup cipollini onions
1 pound clams
.5 onion
5 cloves garlic
2 cups white wine

Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce
1 cup balsamic
.5 pound butter

Raisin purée
1 cup golden raisins
 .5 cup water
 .5 cup sugar
 .5 champagne vinager
 1 tsp turmeric

.25 Cup Capers
Picked chervil or herb of choice

Clean each head and keep separate.
For the green and purple grab a large pot add water and bring to a boil.
You are going to blanch and shock the romanesco first then blanch and shock the purple.
For the orange cauliflower you are going to gather all ingredients for the pickling liquid and put in a pot. After it comes to a boil pour over the orange cauliflower and cover in air tight container.
For the white cauliflower you are going to set up a stove top smoker. Soak wood chips in water for at lest 30 min. Grab a shallow pan and a insert and perforated lid to fit. Place chips on bottom and place on high heat. Once they start smoking place the cauliflower in perforated pan and insert and cover and turn to low. Smoke till desired.
To pick up the cauliflower each color in to pan on med heat and warm up togethor and finish with butter.

Clam topping
To cook the clams grab a large pot and heat to high. Add onions and garlic to pan and saute then add clams than white wine. bring to boil and cover till clams open up. cool clams and then pick cooked clams out of shell.
Cippolinis need to be sliced on a mandolin slicer. Smoke them just like the cauliflower.
Cut the castelvetranos off the pit.
To pick up place a med saute pan on med heat, add oil and cippolinis, clams and olives. Butter to finish.

Balsamic Brown butter.
1 cup balsamic vinegar in small pot and reduce by half.
.5 pound buter in small pot and heat till it browns. To finish sauce add balsamic to blender and turn on and slowly pour in brown butter till emulsified.


Fry capers till crispy.

Raisin purée
Place all ingredients in small pot bring to a boil. Simmer for 10 minutes. Place in a blender and purée till smooth.

Finish Dish
Sear halibut on in saute pan top side till golden brown. Place in oven and cook threw.
For plate up  put cauliflower on plate, place halibut on top. Take the clam topping and dress over the halibut. Balsamic sauce around the halibut and finish with capers and herbs for garnish.