When to report child neglect

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX, Ariz.-- Brokale Marques is accused of killing his 1-year-old boy after leaving the baby in a hot car for hours Saturday. 

Court documents show this was not the first time Marques showed a lack of care for his child. 

Maureen Basenberg of Child Help says people often feel like they're passing judgment on the parenting skills of another when they want to report child neglect.

In the case of Marques, court papers show he displayed a laundry list of child neglect long before
Saturday ever came. 

The babysitter says he wouldn't pick up his child until the next day sometimes, and would forget the diapers she requested, and would return the baby the next morning in the same diaper from the night

"We all have forgetful moments. We forgot that extra diapers the babysitter needed, but if it happens over and over and over again,  it might be a sign that there might be a problem," Basenberg said.

Basenberg says every child has a right to food, clothing, safety and shelter. While many parents are doing their very best, if those basic needs are not being met, folks should feel the need to pick up the phone and place a report.  It could just save a life. 

"You making that phone call you can provide that extra piece that puts that whole puzzle together for child abuse investigators trying to keep a child safe," Basenburg said.