Look 10 pounds lighter instantly! How to dress for your body shape

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

SCOTTSDALE-- Knowing what to wear to flatter your figure is easier than you think.

Start by identifying Your Body Shape. We all come in different shapes and sizes , knowing where you fit in, is the key to looking your best!

Stylist Devy Walker from About Face Boutique says its easy, as long as you take a look at some identifying characteristics and suggested styles for each of the four body types.

Hour Glass
Bust and hips measurement are roughly the same number; waist is small and narrow.

Hour-glass figures look best in fitted clothes that hug their curves.

Baggy clothes tend to distort the figure and make an hour-glass figure look heavier than you are.

This body shape is referred to as a boyish figure.  If you're a square, let's just say, there's not a great deal of curviness going on.

The key to showing off this figure is exaggerating curves and pinching in the waist.

Jackets and cardigans should be buttoned only at the waist . Straight skirts and skinny pants/jeans help to show off the legs.

Ruffles and textured fabrics on top add a girlish touch and volume to create  a curvy silhouette.

Bust, arms, shoulders and tummy are the areas where this body shape carries weight.

Think Tina Turner!

This shape needs to be balanced by minimizing the top half of the body.

Do this by wearing solid colors on top.  V-necks with 3/4 or longer sleeves are ideal to create a much thinner illusion.

Tight pants and straight skirts in prints or solids look the best .

Those with round body types need to stay away from ruffles and frills.

Hips are larger than bust. Pear-shaped people have a small waist and narrow shoulders.

Go for fun prints and texture on the upper half of your body.

These types should invest in a good push up bra . This is an easy shape to transform into an Hour Glass.

You can show off that little waist by belting it .

Buy your pants and skirts narrow. Accommodate the hips and thighs and have the waist altered to fit you. This will balance and show off this feminine body shape.

Remember , you can change your size, but not the shape of your body! Learning what pieces look best on you and embracing your beautiful figure will transform  how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you .

For more information or to  learn more about your body type, contact Walker at About Face Boutique in Scottsdale.

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