3OYS: Energy rebate complaints flood Better Business Bureau

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PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Better Business Bureau has concerns about an energy voucher that's been showing up in Valley mailboxes. 

Residents started receiving the vouchers in Hawaii earlier this year.  They resemble checks, claiming to offer rebates for nearly $6,000.

But Felicia Thompson, who's with the Better Business Bureau, says the rebates are very suspicious.

"There's really no way to find out who this company is that looks like they're sending almost $6,000 to this person because it's made out to a national rebate center and it also has the consumer's name," said Thompson

Complaints have flooded the BBB offices and there are several red flags the public should be concerned about. The vouchers do not include a company name, only a 4-8-0 number that the BBB says appears to be forwarded to a call center in Scottsdale and that it claims to be a national rebate center or Go Energy.

The BBB says the lack of contact information is also concerning because when people dial the
4-8-0 number some tell the BBB they've been directed to a website while others are directed elsewhere.

Thompson says consumers need to be cautious.

"They mention that they're government rebates in this that we have not been able to verify so they're using government rebate offers and that allure of almost $6,000 rebates to get folks attention," said Thompson.