Sick? Hung over? Emergency IV comes to your rescue

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX – The newest form of rehydration and vitamin replenishment has come to Arizona. Created by a team of Valley medical professionals, Emergency IV is Arizona's first mobile hydration unit that comes to you in the privacy of your own home, business or hotel to rehydrate and rebalance your body after a night out or illness.

Emergency IV is a unique personal IV treatment to replenish your body’s vitamins or rehydrate your system after excessive alcohol consumption or illness. The Mobile Hydration Unit offers three different packages, each with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, including some that are meant to treat nausea and headaches.

Myesha Barbieto, a Valley-based registered nurse and founder of Emergency IV, modeled the company after mobile IV services that have been successful in other cities.

"There is high demand for mobile hydration therapy for several reasons," she said. "Oftentimes if someone is sick, or feeling the effects from a night of heavy drinking, traveling to a location to receive hydration therapy is not ideal. For someone who is extremely busy, falling ill can be detrimental but it may not be practical to leave the office for hours at a time to receive a wellness or vitamin treatment. It is much more comfortable and convenient for people to receive hydration therapy in the comfort and privacy of their own homes or businesses.”

The benefits of rehydration therapy include shortened recovery time from symptoms, increased energy, decreased bloating, diminished under-eye circles, and glowing healthy-looking skin.

The treatment is performed with pediatric needles creating a nearly painless experience. Emergency IV also offers vitamin B12 shots.

The first of its kind in all of Arizona, the Mobile Hydration Unit was developed by a group of medical professionals with the highest quality of service in mind.

Emergency IV will also offer group IV therapy parties and Botox parties. The treatments are also ideal for athletes, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and wedding pictures and special occasions.

"With many Arizonans participating in major athletic competitions around the state, the Emergency IV Mobile Hydration Unit can significantly help boost race performance and recuperation," Barbieto said. "It's ideal both before major athletic competitions, during competitions to stay at prime performance levels, and after the competition to enhance the body's natural recovery process.”

The Mobile Hydration Unit brings a new kind of health service to the privacy of your own home. Perfect to replenish missing nourishment due to any cause, the Mobile Hydration Unit's unique services bring diversity and innovation to the Arizona medical services.

For more information about Emergency IV Mobile Hydration Unit or to schedule an appointment visit or call 480-427-2259.