3OYS: Consumer Headlines

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PHOENIX --  Kohl's has jumped out the gate saying they are going to hire seasonal employees.

The retailer plans to hire about 53,000 workers nationwide to handle holiday season demand. Kohl's is expected to hire about 40 people per store through Christmas. That head count does not include more than 6,000 positions Kohl’s plans on hiring at their distributions centers.

There are several job openings at the upcoming Arizona state fair.  They’re looking for ticket sellers, laborers, custodians and customer service reps to handle the crowds.  The jobs are only temporary and will last for the duration of the fair.  The rides, food, games and fun kick off Oct. 11 and run thru Nov. 3.  To apply for a job, head to the state fairgrounds Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And while some are hiring others are thinning out. Wells Fargo, the nation’s biggest lender is cutting 1,800 mortgage related jobs nationwide. This is on top of the 2,300 who received layoff notices in August.  Wells Fargo is the state’s largest bank employer.  Nearly 200 cuts are in Tempe. Some of those being let go may be able to find jobs in other areas of the company.
Wells Fargo cites less mortgage refinancing volume that they experienced in 2012 and early 2013.

A big recall tonight for Honda owners. The recall is to correct potential problems with airbags.
The recall involves 318,000 odyssey mini-vans from the 2003-2004 model years in the U.S and 23,000 in Canada. In addition, nearly 60,000 Acura MDX sport utility vehicles made in 2003 are on the recall list. 

The Japanese automaker says there have been no crashes because of the potential problem but has received complaints recently about the airbag opening unnecessarily. A faulty computer chip for airbag deployment is to blame. A part called an electrical noise filter needs to be installed to fix the problem. Honda says they will fix the problem free of charge.