3OYS: 1,000 consecutive days of gas exceeding $3 per gallon

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Today marks a thousand days in a row that the average price of gas is more than $3 a gallon.

AAA just released details. The streak started way back in December 2010. Unless there's another recession, experts believe that high gas prices are here to stay. The national average stands at $3.52 a gallon. It could be awhile before states like Arizona see $4 a gallon. You can learn more at newsroom.aaa.com/tag/gas-prices.

It still feels like summer but Christmas is only 99 days away. Businesses have started to think about the holiday season because sales are expected to be weak this year. Analysts predict sales in November and December will increase 2.4 percent. That's the smallest increase since 2009.

By the way, Thanksgiving is a little later this year, leaving 25 days between Black Friday and Christmas.

And for families, when it comes to real estate and quality education, Phoenix is a solid choice.

ZipRealty has released a top 10 list of booming real-estate markets with the best public schools. Phoenix comes in sixth in the nation with home prices up 25 percent over the past year. Home sale prices reached an 18 month high at $188,000. And as far as education, Cave Creek Unified School District tops the list. You can find the report online.

"Buying a home is more than just buying the property - you're buying the neighborhood it's in and the school district as well," said Lanny Baker, CEO and president of ZipRealty.

The new ZipRealty report provides the necessary insight on the top school rankings in booming markets, as well as home prices, inventory levels and housing demand, all of which are critical when making one of the biggest purchases ever: buying a home.