Your Life A to Z Recipe: September 20, 2013 Peach Salad with Prosciutto, Almonds & Mint

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Your Life A to Z Recipe: Friday, September 20, 2013

By: Chef Chuck Wiley, Café ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho

Peach Salad with Prosciutto, Almonds & Mint

6 servings                           

3 each            Peaches
1 cup              Greek yogurt
1 tsp               Honey
2 tsp               Lime juice
2 tsp               Fresh mint, chopped (reserve some sprigs for garnish)
To taste         Kosher salt
12 slices        Prosciutto or Serrano ham (about 3/4 pound)
2 cups            Petit greens     (arugula or basil)
1 Tbsp            Extra virgin olive oil   
1/3 cup           Toasted Marcona almonds, coarsely chopped
To taste           Freshly ground black pepper

1.    Cut each peach into eight wedges; set aside. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the yogurt, honey, lime juice and mint. Season with a pinch of salt and check for a nice balance of sweet and sour (add more lime if necessary). Set aside.

2.    Arrange slices of ham on six plates. Divide peach slices between the six plates and drizzle with some of the yogurt sauce.

3.    Top with a bit of the greens and sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil. Sprinkle with the almonds and finish with a couple grinds of black pepper and the reserved mint sprigs.

* you can also roll the peaches with the prosciutto to make little bundles and drizzle with the sauce