Deborah Norville: Kicking off new season of Inside Edition

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- Monday marks the season premiere of popular magazine show Inside Edition. On Good Morning Arizona, we got to talk to host Deborah Norville about what's in store for viewers.

Each show has segments already produced and scheduled to run. But Norville assures us that we'll also see the headlines of the day. "We're not in the can," she says. "We are live, every day."

On the first show,  Inside Edition talks to a psychic as she retraces her search that led to a discovery of a missing boy's body. Even though she lives 50 miles from the crime scene, she says she had two psychic images about the missing boy that she could not ignore.

"This may be the first time that cops agree that a psychic was actually instrumental in solving a case," says Norville.

Tuesday's show tackles an often overlooked issue in female athletics. Some women athletes are opting to have breast reduction surgery to help their performance on game day. Inside Edition meets a fitness instructor who says her breast size has been getting in the way of her excelling in sports.

On Wednesday,  the show looks at consumer drones. Many people use these small robotic drones for taking spectacular aerial videos. However, sometimes these devices can be dangerous.

At one recent sporting event, a drone crashed into a crowd, injured two people and narrowly missed hitting an infant. In another instance, a wedding videographer lost control of his drone and it crashed into the groom.  Inside Edition takes a look at the potential dangers with one of the hottest new gadgets.

Tune in Monday to see the premiere of Inside Edition, at 4 p.m., right here on 3TV.