New trends in baseboards and how to refresh existing baseboards

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

Baseboards are one of the finishing touches to Decorating a room. Here are some great options if you're thinking of changing out your existing baseboards, style, color and finish choices, or if you're just wanting to refresh your existing baseboards.

There are numerous choices in style of baseboards. All different heights and details, how to choose.

-To determine the best height, although there are no rules, the trend is the taller the better, but make sure to consider the ceiling height and keep the height of the baseboard in the correct proportion.
-To determine style, it's a very personal choice and is also based on your decor. The more grooves and detail, the more they will collect dust, the smoother detailed baseboards are easier to keep clean.
Trends in finishes and color:
-Gloss black for baseboards and door trim is a very chic upscale look.
-Dark Solid wood stained baseboards are very beautiful in a more Rustic or Country style home.
-For a fresh clean look, go for the Classic White or Off White look.

Remember, for the best clean-ability and durability always use at minimum Semi-Gloss if not High Gloss paint or Polyurethane Top Coat if staining.

For New or if you are refreshing your existing baseboards, make sure to use a clear or white paintable caulk to seal the top of the baseboard to the wall.  This helps with painting, (the brush will glide along the caulk, so no need for taping) and this also makes cleaning easier.

Also, for painting, use a high quality angled sash brush, such as a Purdy. Use the pointed end to brush in the paint, not the short end as everyone thinks, this gives a much smoother, straighter line along the top of the baseboard.

Clean, newly finished baseboards is a great way to give any room a quick facelift, without painting the entire room.