Wild Workouts-Day 4: Extreme Training

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PHOENIX -- All this week, we've been showcasing some of the wildest workouts in the Valley. But what we showed you on Thursday's Good Morning Arizona could be the most intense of them all.

We put Scott Pasmore through the paces at Bauman's Extreme Training. Their workouts feature intense  cardio, cross fit, strength training and more.

10th degree Black Belt Andy Bauman will push you to a place you've never been, in a room that's  around 100 degrees.

So why the heat?  "One reason is to completely detox," says Bauman. "And let that sweat flow, and let your body start feeling good." 

For one solid hour, you'll run, jump, punch a bag, do push-ups, sit-ups, curls, and presses. Basically, if it hurts, you'll do it. And you will definitely sweat.

"He's always in my head," says one student. "Like if I'm running and I'm enjoying myself, I'm always like, I'm not pushing myself hard enough. I've got to go a little harder." 

"I just basically tell them, it's probably something you've never done before," Bauman says. "But it's a straight hour, no breaks, and just a continuous, full-body workout."

Each workout is completely different. "If you get used to it, your body kind of slows down a little bit," Bauman explains. He says his method is simply about taking fitness to the next level.

To learn more visit baumansxtremetraining.com.