Student's shirt for Sept. 11 causes controversy at school

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A family and faculty at Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix are reaching a compromise over a controversial show of support.

On Wednesday, Sept. 11 student Issak Fuquay wore a shirt to school that showed an eagle holding a gun. 

It's a shirt in support of wounded warriors, and his father is a retired Army Corporal who suffered serious injury while deployed fighting in the war against terror. 

Faculty made Issak take off the shirt and replaced it with one with a slogan advertising he broke school code.  The Paradise Valley District has a policy banning clothes that show weapons.

Issak's mother was so angry, she pulled her son out of class for the day. 

"I expressed my disapproval for them not letting him wear a shirt on 9/11 that demonstrates everything my husband gave up," said Tanya Fuquay-Abbas.

"It supports that my father was in the military," added Issak.

Shadow Mountain Principal, David Appleman, told 3TV that he was in a meeting when the issue came to light. He said the policy is to avoid depictions of violence in schools nowadays, but that he would have considered concessions for Issak. 

"When an event like 9/11 happens, we have to be sensitive to that," said Appleman.

Principal Appleman even retired the replacement shirts students who break policy have to wear, and will replace them with a less conspicuous, plain design.