Pass It On Day: Free roses from The Tulip Tree

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- As part of a nearly 20-year-old tradition, free roses will be given away by The Tulip Tree on Wednesday, Sept. 11 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Anybody who asks can walk away with a free bouquet of a dozen roses. The idea is that you keep one flower for yourself and hand out the remaining roses to 11 different people.

Distribution started at 7 a.m., and will continue until supplies are exhausted, which usually happens around noon.

Owner Judy Haenel said she expected to give away about 7,500 roses, nearly double the amount they handed out last year.

"We do it in memory of 9/11, and just for people to say, 'Thank you,' to other people for no reason at all," she told 3TV's Yetta Gibson.

This is The Tulip Tree's 18th Pass It On event. It started as a way for residents of the area to get to know their neighbors in what was then a new community.

"After the first year of that, we just changed it to Pass It On," Haenel explained.

For those first few years, the rose giveaway was on the second Wednesday in September.

In 2002, the year year after the terror attacks that rocked the nation to its core, the second Wednesday fell on Sept. 11. Since then, The Tulip Tree has been celebrating Pass It On Day on Sept. 11 as a way to remember and honor the victims and survivors.

"The responses is just tremendous," Haenel said. "There's no catch or anything to it, other than passing them on."

The Tulip Tree is located on the southwest corner of 59th Avenue and Bell Road. For more information, call 602-978-3097.