Ten Under $10: Whats New for Fall in the Drug Store Beauty Aisle

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Time for another edition of my Ten Under $10 and this time we are looking at what’s new for fall in the beauty aisle at Walgreens.  Plus each of these new products sell for under $10 (except for one that we couldn’t resist showing you) so the price is right.  My Walgreens beauty expert, Bianca gave me her picks and some are customer faves, while others are so new that time will tell if they catch on.  Take a look and see what new beauty products interest you…  

For the Hair:
A first for Walgreens, now you can get stylish clip on bangs with the Mia Clip-n-Bangs Instant Bangs.  They look real and the bangs can be worn several ways as a side sweep, long and even short by simply adjusting the clip.  These sell for $6.99 at Walgreens.

If you have seen the updos that are finished off with a bow made by the hair, you may have wanted to recreate that and now you can.  Mia Hair Bow now sells at Walgreens for $6.99 in blonde and brunette.  This is much easier than figuring out how to weave your own hair into a decorative bow.  

Here is a cool idea…a decorative hair ornament by Scunci called Style Press On that simply presses onto hair and stays in because it is made of a substance that is like Velcro.  It works, too.  Both my daughter and I tried it on our hair and it simply pressed on and stayed on as well.  This is perfect to enhance a holiday hair style or a special occasion updo and the different styles sell for $5.99 each.

Bianca tells me that Mark Hill is a cool new line to Walgreens and her customers really like the Mark Hill Love Big Hair Big It Up! Volume Shampoo that sells for $9.99.  This line just arrived from the UK and their website has helpful YouTube hair tutorials.

For the Eyes:
Bianca tells me that the cosmetic companies are telling her that colored mascara is in…and not just for the holidays.  Both Great Lash and Rimmel have stocked the shelves with different shades of color.  Great Lash has one called Teal Appeal, among others.  Rimmel (the inventor of mascara) has a new line called Extra Pop with colors like Pop Purple and Pop Turquoise.  It will be interesting to see if customers go after this like the cosmetic companies are predicting.  The Great Lash colored mascara line sells for $5.99 and Rimmel’s Extra Pop Lash goes for $3.99 a tube.  Some of these colored mascaras are limited edition, so if you are interested in that, you may want to buy it right away.

For the Lips:
Bianca tells me that customers love the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer because it is a mix between a lipstick and a gloss.  You get the rich color of a lipstick, while also getting the satin and smooth shine of a lip gloss.  At $4.99 at tube, the price is right.  Bianca also tells me that customers like the angled and thick applicator.

Some bold colors in lip stick have come out for fall like Maybelline’s Lavender Voltage Lip Stick shade and Maybelline’s Purple Royale High Shine Lip Gloss.  Both are also limited edition, so if you want purple lip stick, like some of the fall fashion show models are sporting, you may want to grab one from Walgreens soon. The lip stick sells for $7.99 and the gloss goes for $6.99.

For a lip stick that provides a lighter shade, try the Cover Girl Smoochies Lip Balm that sells for $5.99.  Bianca tells me that this is popular with her customers who want a light lip color.

For the Nails:
Essie has several new fall shades that are featured in InStyle Magazine and you can easily get them at your local Walgreens.  Two of these stylish shades are the Essie Cashmere Bathrobe (love the name of this one) and Twin Sweater Set.  Both sell for $8 at Walgreens.

For the Face:
And last but not least, we had to show one more product that sells for over $10, but is worth a mention because it is unique and loved by customers.  L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder transforms from liquid to powder when applied, which gives a flawless finish and has been great during our recent humidity spell.  This product received a favorable review in this month’s issue of InStyle Magazine.  This cool product sells for $12.99.

Do any of these spark your interest?  Have you already tried any of these new fall beauty products?  Share in the comments section and be sure to check my blog at www.managedmoms.com for more beauty news, recipes, pet stuff, parenting and more.