Dumbest things we do with our cell phone

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PHOENIX -- We call them Smart Phones, but as we know, they're more than just, well, phones.

They're actually tiny computers which help us cruise the Internet, take pictures, and play games.

But don't take these gadgets for granted.  With that in mind, www.credit.com provided us with some of the most common mistakes people do or fail to do that might make your private Smart Phone very public.

First up is no password protection.

It's one more step that might deter hackers or thieves from getting into your information.

If your a shopper, a huge mistake many make is shopping online.

Unless you're using an app like eBay, Amazon or Overstock, then using your Internet browser to shop can expose you to hackers.

Another common mistake is not logging off. This is particularly true when it comes to banking.

Leaving your account unattended and open is dangerous.

Trusting WiFi is a mistake.  WiFi is great, but make sure you're off the feature that connects to WiFi networks automatically because hackers can easily hack into your phone that way.

And finally, make sure you clear your browser history. That's all the places you've visited on the Internet because if you don't,  a hacker can retrace your steps and use your browsing history to hijack your accounts, steal your money and all personal data