Employee describes armed robbery at Burger King

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- It was a whopper of a bad night at the 40th Street and Broadway Burger King in south Phoenix when four armed men walked in to rob the place. 

“Gun in my face, yes,” said Ruben Grande, shift manager at Burger King the night it was robbed in mid-August.

Grande said he was counting the money at closing time when the robbers came in.  He said the bad guys rounded up the employees and took their phones and told them to “be quiet, not do anything stupid.”

Although negotiating with robbers is not on the list of responsibilities for a BK manager, Grande kept a cool head while the robbers went to work.

“Everybody was scared including myself,” said Grande. “I just wanted to make sure everybody was safe and make myself safe.  I couldn’t overreact about it."

According to police, the four were armed with three handguns and a rifle.

“They also take all the cell phones from all the employees. This is to prevent them from calling so [the robbers] know what they are doing.  This is very well planned, executed,” said  Sgt. Darren Birch, Silent Witness.

Grande believes the thieves knew when the safe would be open to count the money.

“I guess they just knew when I was doing my stuff,” said Grande, adding that the store was likely targeted. “Probably, I think they were watching us.”

Silent Witness is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to the suspects.