911 Calls following ASU fraternity fight

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

TEMPE, Ariz. -- 3TV has obtained the 911 call made from a luxury apartment complex in Tempe after a fight between ASU frat brothers left one student seriously injured.

“I just found a kid who’s..I think someone just beat him up,” the caller told the dispatcher. “He’s bleeding from his mouth.”

Surveillance video shows several guys surrounding the victim, forcing him towards the elevator.

Two of the men step inside, and the door shuts.  Witnesses snapped a picture of blood on the elevator floor and reported seeing the victim, on the ground, not able to talk, with serious injuries to his face and the back of his head.

“Literally, I came out of my room, and some girl was yelling, ‘there’s a kid who got beat up,’” said the caller. 

“Dude, this kid is seriously hurt. I already called an ambulance,” the 911 caller can be heard saying.

Court records reveal the victim suffered multiple facial fractures, requiring his jaw to be wired shut.

Witnesses say at least two men had blood on their hands.  So far, Tempe police have arrested only one of the suspects. 

Kiernan Bates, who now faces a charge of aggravated assault, made his first court appearance on Wednesday.

3TV has learned Bates graduated last year from Brophy College Prepatory and was considered a leader on his wrestling squad.

A video posted several months ago on Vimeo celebrated his success in sports. He’s heard talking in the video about his dedication to athletics.

Kenneth Bates, Kiernan’s father, declined an interview.  However, he told 3TV “more information is being disclosed daily that is shedding a completely different light on what happened.”

He said in the meantime, he wishes the victim a speedy recovery.

Police say the suspect and a couple of the other boys involved were associated with the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, generally known as PIKE.  National Headquarters released a statement saying they’re aware of the incident which did not occur at a fraternity sanctioned event.

“In the interim, the individuals allegedly involved in the altercation have been administratively suspended by the Colony, pending the outcome of the police and university investigations,” said a spokesman.

The victim was a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, known as SigEp. The fraternity president of the ASU chapter told 3TV the frat is cooperating fully with the investigation.

Another frat member told 3TV that the victim is “in good spirits.”