Your Life A to Z Recipe: , September 6, 2013 Kurobuta Pork Osso Buco

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Your Life A to Z Recipe: , September 6, 2013

Kurobuta Pork Osso Buco
    serves 4  

By: Chef Chris Nicosia, of SASSI

kurobuta pork osso buco cut to 3"  12-14 oz each     4 each    
extra virgin olive oil    1/4 cup    
carrot, small dice    1/2 cup    
fennel bulb, small dice    1/2 cup    
yellow onion, small dice    1/2 cup    
garlic, sliced    3 Tbsp    
porcini mushrooms    2 cup    
dry marsala    2 cups    
canned whole Italian tomatoes, crushed    2 cups    
chile flakes    1 tsp    
rosemary sprigs 3" long    3 each    
bay leaf    2 each    
salt and pepper    to taste    

FOR THE SIDE:        
extra virgin olive oil    2 Tbsp    
garlic, sliced    2 tsp    
fresno chiles. Sliced    2 Tbsp    
cannellini beans, cooked    2 cups    
kale, washed    4 cups    
fresh horseradish, grated    4 tsp    
orange olive oil    4 tsp    

This dish is ideally made a day or two in advance        
Heat 1/4 cup olive oil in a heavy oven proof stock pot or Dutch oven over medium high heat
Season the osso buco liberally with salt and pepper, and add to pot        
Sear on all sides until well browned, and remove from pan        
Drain oil and add carrot, fennel, onions, and garlic, and saute until soft    
Add porcini and marsala and bring to a boil. Add tomatoes and chile flakes and adjust seasoning
Add the browned osso buco, rosemary, and bay leaf to the pot        
Cover and place in pre-heated 300 degree oven for 2 1/2 hours        
Remove from oven and let rest for at least 1 hour before reheating to serve,     

For the side:        
Heat olive oil in a large saute pan over medium-high heat        
Add garlic and fresno chiles and cook until soft        
Add cannellini beans and toss        
Add kale, and season with salt and pepper        
Continue to toss until kale is wilted        

To serve:        
Divide kale and cannellini between 4 bowls        
Top each with pork osso buco        
Ladle a generous scoop of cooking liquid over pork, be sure to get some porcini into each bowl
Top each with freshly grated horseradish and orange olive oil