3OYS Update: Deaf girl finally gets package

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PHOENIX -- Things sure have changed since we last saw 9-year-old Katelyn Nerhood, and they've changed for the better.

3 On Your Side was there when Nerhood opened a shipping box containing an electronic device called the Nabi 2. 

It's a little gadget packed with games which helps kids learn.

But, Nerhood's mom, Melody, said they wouldn't have the device if it wasn't for 3 On Your Side.

"It's huge," Melody said.  "It makes the biggest difference in the world that Gary got involved because we would not have this."

Nerhood suffers from CHARGE Syndrome, a disorder that has left her partially blind and completely deaf.

Melody said the Nabi 2 is a great outlet for Nerhood and when it broke a few months ago, Nabi sent her a new one.

Unfortunately, the device never made it because instead of delivering it to Nerhood's address, UPS delivered it to the wrong address and left the box at someone else's residence.

Melody said she contacted UPS several times and told them they delivered the item to the wrong house.  Melody said that UPS dragged their feet for two months without doing anything.

3 On Your Side got a hold of UPS, which finally suggested filing a poice report.

In the meantime, 3 On Your Side contacted Nabi and told them about the mishap.

Not only did they send Nerhood a new Nabi, they also put in additional apps and games at no extra charge.

They also included this handwritten note:

"Dear Melody.  We heard about what you and your family went through.  We are so sorry your family went so long without the Nabi."

Melody says she and Nerhood are so grateful, not only to 3 On Your Side but to Nabi for fixing a problem that wasn't even their fault.

"It's just a blessing.  So thank you guys for all of your help," Melody said.

Of course a big thank you to Nabi for getting involved and making Nerhood happy.