Boy on bear hunt with dad seriously injured after fall in Coconino County

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PHOENIX – A 13-year-old boy was seriously injured while on a bear hunt with his father in the Forest Lakes area Saturday morning.

The father and son were in an area approximately 1,000 feet below the top of Chevelon Canyon in very rugged and steep terrain when the teen fell an unknown distance, according to Gerry Blair with the Coconino County Sheriff's Office.

A sheriff's deputy and Forest Lakes Fire Department personnel responded to the area and determined that they were not equipped to safely access the location where the boy came to rest.

An Arizona Department of Public Safety helicopter responded to the scene. A crew member was flown to the bottom of the canyon and hiked to the victim's location. Blair said the DPS medic administered advanced life support for injuries the child sustained.

The victim was removed from the canyon by the short-haul method during which he was secured in a medical basket and suspended underneath the helicopter. He was flown out of the canyon and safely lowered to the ground.

The boy had to be flown to a medical trauma center in the Phoenix area for treatment of serious head, facial and leg injuries.

A second DPS helicopter short-hauled the boy's father to a location where he could be safely lowered to the ground. He was transported by ground to the medical center where his son was being treated.

The father and son are from the Phoenix area.