3OYS: Phoenix woman says she was tricked by Vision Security

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX  -- A Phoenix woman says she was duped into a home security contract she didn't want.

Like most homeowners, Betty Quesada does what she can to keep intruders out when she leaves. But sometimes, it just isn't enough.

"I've been burglarized a couple of times," Quesada said.

That's exactly why Quesada pays a security company almost $48 a month to monitor her home,a company that has protected her house for several years and a company Quesada said she likes.

"Yes, I've been happy with them the whole time. I felt secure with them," Quesada said.

However, Quesada said she ran into a problem with her security system when a saleswoman walked up and knocked on her front door.

"She comes to the door and then she tells me she wants to update my security system," she says.

Quesada thought the saleswoman was with her current security company and was thrilled to find out they were upgrading her security hardware.

However, Quesada claimed what she didn't know was that the saleswoman was with another company called Vision Security.

According to Quesada, Vision Security installed their equipment instead and locked the 76-year-old woman into second contract, meaning Quesada is on the hook with two security companies, and two monthly payments.

"I was upset and I'm still upset because I hate having to pay two companies for the same thing," Quesada said.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Vision Security has a D-minus rating and has issued an alert.

The BBB said Vision Security has a pattern of complaints alleging misrepresentation when salespeople say they are there to perform an "upgrade."

And, earlier this month, the Ohio Attorney General's Office filed a complaint against Vision Security, alleging the company may be violating consumer protection laws.

3 On Your Side contacted Vision Security. And after telling them about Quesada's situation, they agreed to stop billing her immediately and also canceled her contract.

Quesada said that's great news and she's glad she contacted 3 On Your Side.

An attorney for Vision Security told me they have 80,000 happy customers and that the D-minus rating with the Better Business Bureau does not properly represent them.

He also says the saleswoman who got Quesada into the contract, has been reprimanded.