Smart tiles for kitchen or bathroom backsplash

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

These Brand New Smart Tiles are extremely easy to apply and give the beautiful look of authentic glass tiles without the labor of installing tile with thinnest and grout.  They are attractive, washable, heat resistant, very durable and long lasting!

-Smart Tiles
-TSP, TSP Substitute, Deglosser or Paint Primer
-Utility Knife or Sharp Scissors
-Ruler or Straight Edge

-Measure width x height the area above countertop up to underneath the upper cabinets.
-Select desired color of Smart Tiles, purchase required amount of square footage.
-Prepare the surface by either wiping down the backsplash area with TSP, TSP Substitute,  Deglosser or paint the surface with a Paint Primer such as KILZ 2.
-Using a Level, level the first smart tile at base of countertop.
-Peel of backing without touching adhesive back.
-Align first tile and stick to wall.
-Continue peeling and sticking tiles to wall while overlapping tile to tile at grout lines.
-Cut at edge with scissors or utility knife.  Also, use utility knife to make cut outs for light switches and outlets.