3OYS examines tire replacement monitor technology

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PHOENIX -- This is a great time to check your tires on your car as well as a trailer if you're pulling something this weekend.  The old rule of thumb was to use a penny to check the tread on your tires, but things are getting easier for consumers.

It's been a long hot summer not only for you, but your car too.

"Tires really endure the brunt of the heat," said Stephanie Dembowski with AAA.

Dembowski says for whatever reason motorists seem to forget about their tires.

"Just since memorial day, AAA has responded to more than 19,000 calls for tire failure," said Dembowski.

Besides the age of the tire, you need to check for things like proper inflation and tread wear. And checking these things is now easier than ever.

Howard Fleischmann has been in the tire industry for decades.

"Every tire that's manufactured has a tire wear indicator that shows that the tire is down to 2/32 seconds," said Fleischmann.

Fleischmann owns Community Tire Pros here in the Valley. For years consumers have been told to check their tire tread wear using a coin or tire tread depth gauge, but one manufacturer is making it even easier and it may catch on with other tire makers.

The idea is to put the words tire replacement monitor in the center of the tire and when those words wear off, that means your tread is getting low and you should consider getting new tires.

"The replaced tire is all that's left and the ment and monitor disappear. So that's great if the customer can actually see that," said Fleischmann.

And tire makers are trying other ways to make it easier for motorists.

"They want to put color in," said Fleischmann.

Fleischmann goes on to talk about a new color technique that is being tested in overseas.

"When you can look at a vehicle and you see him going down the highway and you see that the tire is turned orange you know that that tire is unsafe, and you can avoid being close to that," he explained.

Fleischmann expects some of this new technology to hit the U.S. sometime next year.

Dembowski says safety is paramount.
"Tires play a huge role in the safety of your vehicle, so not only is it going to be a hassle  to be stranded at the side of the road but you could completely loose control or your car and something a lot more serious can happen," Dembowski said.

If you're hitting the road this weekend you won't be alone. AAA expects nearly 700,000 Arizonans to be traveling this weekend.

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