ATV rental takes bad turn

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Chaz Campbell and his family love the outdoors.

"We doing everything, we go camping, we go quad riding we go fishing, we've been to the dunes, we go every year," he said.

A  few months ago, Campbell and his family decided to go camping, except this time they wanted to rent some off roading vehicles like the Polaris RZR.

So, Campbell shopped around and found himself at a Tempe business called Full Throttle Power Sports.

"I went to Full Throttle in Tempe, Full Throttle Motorsports. The guy told us he'd make us a deal on all three Polaris RZR," said Campbell.

Campbell paid $750 to rent three of the Polaris RZRs for two days.

But Full Throttle Power Sports also required a deposit for the vehicles in the amount of $3,000, which is the amount that Campbell put on his credit card and expected to get back when he returned everything.

But Campbell says his family's fun came to an abrupt end when one of the Polaris RZRs stopped working.

"We made it most of the way to the lake before one of the smaller ATVs basically quit running," Campbell remarked.

Campbell returned all 3Polaris RZRs back to Full Throttle Power Sports the next day and told them one of them wasn't running.

He signed this document indicating one Polaris RZR had a "broken metal arm," and another had a "coolant leak," and the third one was noted as "not running."

Campbell says he was told repairs shouldn't be more than a couple hundred dollars at most.

However, when it came to getting his $3,000 deposit back, well, there was a problem. 

Every time Campbell would inquire about his deposit, he said Full Throttle told him they uncovered more repairs that needed to be paid for. 

Finally, after several months of waiting for his deposit to be returned, Full Throttle told Campbell they were keeping his $3,000 deposit because they claimed they kept finding damage.

Campbell tells 3 On Your Side there was no more damage than what he signed off on and disputed the charge on his credit card.

"He says he's going to keep all $3,000 for damage to the other ATVs that there was no damage to, so basically he gets to make his own rules," complained Campbell.

The owner of Full Throttle Power Sports tells 3 On Your Side he doesn't make up his own rules and that his shop kept on discovering damage on the vehicles returned by Campbell.

He also claimed he had video of the damage, but never allowed 3 On Your Side to see that video.

Regardless, Full Throttle Power Sports says it has every right to keep the money claiming that in paragraph seven of the rental agreement that customers sign, it states, "Renter shall be responsible for any damage caused to the ATV during the rental period."

Because of the contract language, Campbell's credit card company released the $3,000 to Full Throttle Power Sports.

Campbell can't believe it, and is out on not only what he paid for the rental, but also his entire deposit.

"With $3,800 I could of bought one of those ATV's rather than rented them for two hours," he stated.

By the way, Full Throttle Powersports has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau with 24 complaints on file.