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Whether you are a busy mom overwhelmed by the hectic back to school schedule or a working career woman, I think we all have been feeling overloaded and a little stressed lately.  As the holiday season approaches, it will get worse. 


So I took some time out to test a few nice at home spa products to give you some ideas on how to pamper yourself.  Schedule some time to do this as nurturing your body and your mind is just as important as keeping up with the crazy calendar.  If you can recharge, you will be better organized and ready to tackle the stress.  You will be glad that you did.


Step 1:  Create the Mood – Make it authentic.  Pick a day when you get the house to yourself and light a candle.  I use the Patriot Candles Dual Warmer that I bought at Walgreens so I don’t have to stress about my pets knocking over an open flame.  This way I can truly clear my mind and only think about my at home spa relaxation, which is the point.  I found the Patriot Candle in a scent called Spa Waters at Walgreens, which is perfect for my home spa day.  Next don a comfy robe and slippers.  To keep your hair completely out of your face, the Turbo Twist, also sold at Walgreens, works great for this. 


Step 2:  Make Yourself Some Spa Water – It is so important to hydrate and I have noticed that the spas always have a yummy spa water, so  I found an easy one on Pinterest that you can make for your at home spa day.  Simply put slices of lemon and cucumber in a pretty pitcher of water and enjoy with your at home spa treatments.  The lemon supports our immunity and helps to alkalize the body.  Lemons also aid digestion and provide Vitamin C and other antioxidants that benefit skin.  Cucumber contains a lot of vitamins like B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and more.


Step 3:  Use Quality at Home Spa Products:


For the Body:


*Red Door Spa Elizabeth Arden Professional Olive Oil Salt Scrub – ($39 at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa locations) – I love this stuff.  Just the scent, which is light and relaxing, reminds me of being at the spa.  Made with a combination of Mediterranean blend of Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera and omega-rich olive oil, this stuff exfoliates and leaves skin silky smooth all in one. 


*Red Door Spa Elizabeth Arden Professional Milk & Honey Nourishing Body Cream – ($45 at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa locations) – Another Red Door Spa product that I love is this body lotion because it contains Colorado honey, milk extract, Shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamins C, D and E which replenishes nutrients to the skin.


*Nourish Organic Spiced Citrus Body Lotion – ($9.99 at Whole Foods, Ulta Beauty Supply & – I love this line because it is affordable and 100% USDA certified organic plus the line is free of parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives, sulfates and more.  The Spiced Citrus scent, which is my favorite, has a very light scent and is made with orange and mandarin essential oils, spicy cardamom, clove, ginger root and black pepper.  Unique and all organic.



For the Face:


*AmorePacific Moisture Bound Refreshing Masque – ($90 for 6 sheets & 6 ampoules of liquid that is applied with the masque sold at Sephora) – For an at home facial, try this masque that comes with a little bottle of a fresh concentration of botanical and root extracts that provide deep, intensive hydration and replenishment.  One you apply that, you place the masque over your face and leave on for 30 minutes, which is a perfect time to take a cat nap.  For over 65 years, AmorePacific has blended the rarest and most potent Asian botanicals into their products.  Plus using botanicals such as green tea, ginseng, bamboo sap and more nourish skin in a holistic way. 


*Red Door Spa Elizabeth Arden Professional Revitalizing Enzyme Mask for Combination Skin – ($54 at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa locations) – Here is an easy to apply mask that will exfoliate and brighten the skin.  Simply apply this to your face on clean damp skin and leave on for 15 minutes.  Then rinse with cool water.  The active botanicals in this formula and hydrating ingredients like Aloe Vera promotes skin turnover and antioxidant protection.


For the Hands & Feet:


*Nourish Almond Vanilla Organic Hand Wash – ($7.99 at Whole Foods &  -- Before you give yourself a home mani, be sure to wash   your hands with a good hand soap like this one by Nourish.  USDA certified organic, this paraben and chemical free hand wash has soothing aloe, Shea butter, healing quinoa protein and more.  Plus the light fragrance of the organic vanilla and almond will have your hands relaxing and ready for the home manicure.


*Ciaté Love Me Oil Cranberry Cuticle Oil – ($17 at Nordstrom’s) – Use this for your at home mani, but also use it daily to hydrate, nourish and combat dry and brittle nails.  I love the cranberry variety and it also comes in almond, too.


*Ciaté Corrupted Neon Manicure Collection – ($25 for set at Sephora) – Put some fun in your home manicure and pedicure with this fun neon set that glows in the night under UV lights.  For this unique manicure, you first apply a base coat to clean and oil free nails.  Next apply two thin coats of the neon Paint Pot for luminous color.  Glitter goes on next and then finish with the corrupted top coat as the full coverage coat or to detail the nail for an after dark contrast. 


* Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure – ($25 at Sephora stores)  -- Another fun idea for your at home mani and pedi is to try this chalkboard set that enables you to sketch creative designs on your nails.  You first apply two coats of the black Ciaté Chalkboard Paint Pot onto clean dry nails.  Next you have fun using the chalk pens to draw designs on your nails, once the paint pot has dried.  If you make a mistake, you simply wipe down the nail with water and start again within 30 seconds.  Lastly once you have created your desired design, simply allow to dry and then seal in the artwork with the Ciaté Matnificent top coat.  So fun and creative to do.


So those are my at home spa product picks.  Be sure to schedule some at home down time to pamper yourself and check out my blog at for more beauty news, parenting articles, recipes and more.