Makeup tips to make you look 10 years younger

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By Erin Kennedy By Erin Kennedy
By Erin Kennedy By Erin Kennedy

Women often apply makeup in the morning to get ready for the day and enhance their face, but some makeup techniques may be aging women, according to an expert who appeared on Good Morning Arizona on Tuesday.

“You want your beauty to shine through, not the makeup,” said Zethina, a professional makeup artist and skin care specialist, and founder of Zethina Cosmetics & Skincare. 

With some lighter makeup and helpful tricks, women can look 10 years younger. Here are Zethina’s right and wrong makeup tips.
  • Using only matte eye shadow- This can sometimes make eyelids look chalky and flat.
  • Heavy eyeliner- Many women think eyeliner enhances their eyes, but too thick of a line can be overwhelming.
  • Heavy foundation- As women get older, they think they need to cover up more blemishes, pigmentation spots, and redness. Heavy foundation may look good in front of the mirror, but can appear piled on and mask-like when you step away.
  • Years of over plucking eyebrows and not filling them in correctly
  • Heavy blush
  • Deep lip
  • Thin eyeliner line- Rather than concentrating on drawing a line when you do eyeliner, think of painting the base of the lashes by sticking close to the lash line and pushing them down lightly with your brush.
  • Eye shimmer- Women are usually guided to avoid shimmer as they age, but a little bit of shimmer on the eyes can make them look more open and bright. As women get older they lose a little luster, and a little shimmer can help bring that luster back.
  • Bold color on the lips can be done, but try lightening it up a bit.  Do a lighter version of a bold color with a gloss. 
  • When you try a darker , bold lip, apply the color, blot it off, and smudge the edge of the lip line a little. 
  • Less is more- Lighter make up looks more dewey and refreshed. Try lightening up on everything, especially foundation.
  • Moisturize- Apply a moisturizer regularly to maintain youthful skin.
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