Couple says vacation deal was no deal

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Robert and Shirlee Mets moved to Arizona a year ago to retire.

"We like it here and Shirlee likes it a lot," said Robert.

And since they retired, they have a lot of time to travel.

So when they retrieved their mail recently, something caught there eye when they discovered a letter from a travel club.

"It came in the mail as an invitation to come to a meeting," Robert stated.

The invitation was from a company called Premier Resorts, which claimed to be able to get smoking deals on all kinds of different vacations.

So, the Mets went to the meeting and after listening to a sales pitch, they agreed to pay $6,000 up front to become a Premier Resorts member and also agreed to pay a $30 monthly membership fee.

"We joined it, gave them $6,000 and they wouldn't take a Visa or Mastercard or something like that, it had to be strictly a check," said Robert.

The amount, they admit, sounded a bit high but thought it would be worth it with all the great vacation deals.

"You're supposed to be able to go to a luxury hotel, stay there for $299 per week up to three weeks," Robert noted.

However, after paying the money, the Mets say those promised vacation deals weren't that much of a bargain at all.

In fact, the couple claims they discovered better vacation deals on their own without having to be a member of anything.

Disappointed, they asked Premier Resorts for a refund several weeks later.

"I gave them $6,000 and what we are paying for is nothing!" Robert proclaimed.

Premier Resorts never did return the money.

So, 3 On Your Side got involved and spoke with a Premier Resorts representative.

"I am familiar with the Mets," said the rep.

The rep claimed not only did she know about the Mets' dissatisfaction, she also said she'd have someone look into it for 3 On Your Side.

However, after repeated phone calls and emails to Premier Resorts, no one ever did call us or the Mets back.

We even went to the company's listed Scottsdale address, but only found a drop box where they pick up their mail.

However, we did discover this.  Premier Resorts also goes by the name Sierra Management and Consulting and is based out of Nevada.    

According to the paperwork filed with Secretary of State there, a couple by the name Ewa Midkiff and Michael Midkiff are listed as corporate managers.

Beyond that, though, not much information is known about the Midkiffs or their travel club.

However, a simple Internet search of Michael Midkiff reveals a travel website called The Discount Travel Guy where a man named "Michael" pops up and claims to "help people enjoy extraordinary places at rock bottom pricing."

The Mets say they're certainly not enjoying a vacation of a lifetime and wish that invitation in their mailbox never showed up.

"I'm just surprised that in this country this sort of thing can still go on," said Robert.

Again we tried multiple times reaching out to Premier Resorts but got nothing back. 

The Federal Trade Commission issued a release recently warning consumers about vacation travel clubs.