Lake Pleasant restaurant gets makeover after health code violations

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PEORIA, Ariz. – A restaurant at Lake Pleasant was closed down last week due to health code violations, but now workers are trying to clean it and fix it up in time for Labor Day.

The Waterfront Bar and Grille at the Pleasant Harbor Marina is getting a makeover. Marina manager Chad Case said workers are installing new plumbing, flooring and equipment.

"Everything new and improved," Case said.

The restaurant/bar closed last Thursday due to health violations. Recent inspections showed the entire kitchen was in need of deep cleaning; management needed to rid the kitchen of all the cobwebs, spiders and any other pests; and there needed to be soap and paper towels provided to all hand-washing sinks throughout the facility.

Since the Maricopa Water District took over management of the entire marina in April, it was soon realized the only way to bring the restaurant back up to code was to close it and gut it.

"It's an older facility, it's 20 years old, there hasn't been a whole lot of upgrades," Case said.

"As times have changed, of course, the health district and the kitchen standards have changed over the time and we're making sure that we bring that up to the code the health district wants and that we want to share to the community."

Case hopes to have everything taken care of by mid-morning Thursday. He hopes customers will give the new place a new try.

"Come out, enjoy the food, enjoy the scenery and forget about the past," Case said.