College exit tests gaining momentum

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

PHOENIX -- It's a test designed to help employers determine a student's real value in the workplace. It's called the Collegiate Learning Assessment, or CLA PLUS for short. And it's gaining in popularity. Like the SAT, it's scored on a 1,600 point scale.

But the test assesses much broader things, like critical thinking, reasoning, literacy, writing and communication.

The idea is to give a better picture of a student's skills beyond just their GPA, since many employers apparently think grades alone can be misleading.

The test can be helpful not just for hiring managers, but for the students as well.

It will give them a tool to go out and market their skills. Often, students with great grades don't have other key talents, which can be revealed through the test.

The flip side is that students who may not have a high GPA, can still shine if they take this test.

Students can also use the CLA to show off their critical thinking, and other skills that may not be revealed by grades alone.

While it makes the battle for jobs even more competitive, it can also increase the quality of your co-workers.

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