Glendale mom and deaf daughter upset with UPS

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By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey
By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey
By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey
By Tami Hoey By Tami Hoey

GLENDALE -- Katelyn Nerhood is an affectionate little 9-year-old girl who happens to be deaf. But that doesn't keep her from communicating with the people she loves, like her mom, Melody Nerhood. "Her world is different than ours," says Nerhood. "I mean, she can't hear our conversations. She can't hear music. She can't hear TV."

Nerhood says her daughter suffers from a disorder called CHARGE Syndrome. The disorder, she says,  has left her Katelyn completely deaf and her vision partially impaired.

But, like most nine year olds, Katelyn still loves to play games and have fun. That's exactly why Melody bought her daughter a device called the Nabi2, which is supposed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time.

Melody says her daughter had the device for about a year. However, two months ago when it stopped working, she mailed it back, and Nabi sent her another one. Nabi used United Parcel Service, commonly referred to as UPS, for shipping. But Melody says she and her daughter never received it and she can't get anyone to at UPS to help her.

"Nobody ever contacts me," she says. "I just keep getting the runaround."

UPS sent Melody an email notice indicating they successfully delivered the gadget way back in June and left it in the "rear entrance."

UPS even lists the date, time and address of the delivery. However, when looking at the UPS email, they clearly document the wrong numerical address. Instead of delivering it to Nerhood's town home, UPS misread the address and left it all the way on the other side of her complex at the "rear entrance" of a completely different home. And the package has been missing since then.

Nerhood says she has brought the mistake to UPS' attention several times, but says UPS isn't doing a thing to help her with their mistake.

"I'm at the end of my rope because it's taking a lot of energy that I could be spending on something else and spending time on other things," Nerhood says.

So, Nerhood contacted 3 On Your Side, hoping that 3 On Your Side would be able to get UPS to listen.

3 On Your Side contacted UPS and told them about Nerhood's two month dilemma, and that package they delivered to the wrong address.  UPS said they would immediately look into the matter.

During the course of their investigation, UPS requested that Nerhood file a police report. After getting the report, they would continue looking into the matter.

In the meantime, 3 On Your Side also reached out to Nabi. When they found out about Nerhood and her daughter's lost electronic device, they immediately agreed to ship her out another one. However, this time they say will use Fed Ex. Nerhood and Katelynn are expecting to receive the device any day now.

However, Nerhood says the ordeal has left her very bitter and frustrated. "I'm very disappointed with UPS," she says.

3 On Your Side would like to thank Nabi's maker for getting involved like they did and resolving a problem that wasn't even their fault. So, thank you!